18 10 / 2014

Anonymous said: Tell me again how exposing one's labia or nut sack toward the camera is art? I think Playboy and Playgirl magazines have more class than that!

07 10 / 2014

So I’m writing a comic that involves lots of different queer relationships, but I really want to just stick BL/YAOI on the banner to lure in all those horrible fans and then once they feel safe in the plot, slap them in the face with realistic and consensual relationships and be like, “HA!  You can’t leave now!  You’re invested in the story!  Time to learn you some proper standards for the gay.”

29 9 / 2014

Anonymous said: I wish Zachs would work more on Pineapple Soda, it's been so long since he updated it that I feel he's abandoned it

05 9 / 2014

so smackjeeves only like yaoi comics? for some reason my webcomic only got 38 fans when i posted on smackjeeves+only one reader gave me consistant comment really bothers me and makes me wanna drop the site…..verses inkblazers which I’ve got about the same amount of views as smackjeeves yet  i got 380 bookshelves… WHY THE DIFFERENCE?!?!!?

05 9 / 2014

OK DO U HAVE TO PUBLISH YAOI ON SMACKJEEVES TO GET THE VIEWS AND FANS IF U R A NEW COMER? like srsly my newly published webcomic on Smackjeeves only got 38 fans with only one reader commenting on my stuff versus on Inkblazers (previously Manga Magazine) I’ve 380 bookshelves+a lot more comments+feature….like WTF WHY THE DIFFERENCE!!!??? I work hard on the comic but I don’t think I get nearly half of the attention as the scribble comics on smackjeeves..pfff…

23 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Honestly I have no idea if Tako Story is a troll or is just a really shitty webcomic

14 8 / 2014

The sight of one less fan or plain old stagnation every time I post a new page is extremely discouraging. I’d at least like to know what’s displeasing them, b/c as far as I know I’ve been working about as hard on this as I always do.

I’m pretty close to just dropping mirror links and leaving the site.

04 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Ponikos has to be one of the most closeminded asshats on DA. Xe believes the reverse racism, cisphobia, and other things don't exist. Xe pretty hates anybody who is cisgendered. And watch out, xe's a special snowflake!

04 7 / 2014

I loved reading all the butthurt comments after Kaito Shuno was taken down.

03 7 / 2014

Gloomverse: http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=75498

(Read more for spoilers) 

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25 6 / 2014

I think I may be in love with blankd.

16 6 / 2014

I, along with the majority of the ladies of SJ, have a crush on TerminalMontage. It’s been going strong since 2010. He’s a mix of dorky and dreamy.

12 6 / 2014

I posted my webcomic yesterday, I truly think the plot is good but no matter how much I try my art is mediocre at best, I’m afraid that nobody will like my webcomic.

11 6 / 2014

01 6 / 2014


Ok guys, because of the fact that I’m pretty busy and there have been FLOODS of suggestions, I am going to impliment a form for artists, similar to the one we have for commissioners. Once I’ve gotten through the Artist feature suggestions we currently have they well become a ONCE WEEKLY THING.